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RDC Summit ®

 The RDC Summit 2015 has ended. Please stay tuned for 2016 information.


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The RDC Summit is the industry’s premier conference on Payments and Remote Deposit Capture, featuring hundreds of attendees from leading Banks, Credit Unions, Corporations, RDC Solution Providers, Regulatory Agencies and more. Based upon the 2014 survey results:

  • Close to 90% of attendees would recommend the RDC Summit to colleagues, and
  • Over 60% rated the RDC Summit as their favorite industry conference.


RemoteDepositCapture.com has hosted the RDC Summit since 2008 offering educational sessions and networking opportunities to well over one thousand attendees over the past 7 years. Building upon the great success of the past events, attendees can expect to learn best practices, recent developments in RDC, interact with industry experts, network with solution providers, join in engaging discussions, etc. The quality and caliber of our stellar speaker line-up have continuously received impressive ratings.

Based on a scale of 1 – 5: (1 = poor, 3 = average, 5 = excellent):

  • The RDC Summit 2014 sessions were rated an overall score of 4.3.
  • The quality and caliber of speakers was more impressive with an overall average rating of 4.5.


Below are actual comments from RDC Summit 2014 attendees:

  • Very informative, well planned and executed.
  • No more Vegas - Florida is best!
  • Great event as always! All the clients, partners, experts in one place.
  • I would really like the summit to be moved back to Florida.
  • Outstanding conference, great speakers, great Venue.
  • You and your team worked hard and the hard worked showed, as this year’s show was better than ever. Everyone I spoke to seemed impressed by the overall content of this year’s agenda. The vendors were wonderful and very friendly/entertaining.
  • Excellent Summit.


Below are more comments from RDC Summit attendees - over the years:

  • Excellent information!  All risk assessment and disclosure information was excellent.
  • Loved the case studies and the banks' willingness to candidly discuss their experiences.
  • Excellent!!
  • Great session. I wish it could have continued for another hour. Subject matter expertise appreciated!
  • I liked the auditor vs. banker perspective in the same session.
  • Excellent! Very useful!
  • Liked that experts offered specific solutions, very candid.
  • Good visibility into what a Corporate needs to adopt mobile.
  • Great presentation and great info on risk.
  • All the speakers were terrific!!!
  • Extremely helpful examples of tactics and strategies to increase adoption of RDC.
  • Best session I've attended so far.   Most energetic and stimulating panel.
  • Excellent - clear & concise explanation of Corporate options.
  • Loved the fact that these were case studies! Very dynamic session with lots of good questions.
  • Very nice sample of perspectives: small business, commercial/corporate, software vendor and hardware vendor. Well done!
  • Great, practical information!
  • Lots of great information was shared! One of the best sessions of the conference!
  • Details around exceptions and hubs were excellent.
  • Great session - great topic. The way solutions are evolving has been amazing and it was a good roundtable to hear where we are going and what will become new standards for this solution.
  • Very useful information and great recommendations!



If you missed the RDC Summit 2014...

  • Session recordings are freely available to RemoteDepositCapture.com Members via the RemoteDepositCapture.com Webinar Archive. Click Here to become a member.














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